Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Justo Mixtape Awards Nomination, More Press, More Songs, It Keeps Getting Thicker...

Balance was recently nominated for Best West Coast Mixtape Artist at the JUSTO Mixtape Awards...

XXL's Artist to Watch – 9/04

As part of the “West Coast resurgence, Balance is likely to explode in 2005.” 1/05

and over 100 mixtape appearances and counting....

The buzz is picking up on the net as mention of the mixtape has been spotted @

Hip Hop Game

Gel & Weave

West Coast 2K

SF Weekly (scroll down after clicking)

and Hip Hop DX

MP3's from The Bay Area Mixtape King

[right click & save]

What Up (currently receiving airplay)

Roll With Me ft Chamillionaire & Stat Quo

8 Ball ft Locksmith and Royce the 5'9

Palm Trees & OG's

Go Hard ft Game, Lloyd Banks, & 50 Cent

Welcome To Cali


Balance's "The Bay Area Mixtape King" is further expanding the “New Bay” Movement, which he has been spearheading along with groups like Frontline and The Federation. Balance has created a strong regional presence with his mixtapes, freestyle appearances on the Wake Up Show, and having “Nice Girl” and "What Up" enjoying regular spins on Bay Area radio. With his latest mixtape Balance is adding to his reputation as “The Bay Area Mixtape King."

The “Bay Area Mixtape King” features Stat Quo, Chamillionaire, Royce the 5’ 9”, and many more. For more information please visit Balance's site


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